Fruitful Monday

17 04 2012

This was my third Monday joining the evangelism team of 22nd Street Ministries at the downtown Bakersfield bus terminal. Al Martinez and Gerry Collins preached open air, 4 others walked around handing out tracts and talking one on oone with people. I held the cross for 1 preacher and them Amy stepped in and held the cross for the first time ever! I wa so proud of her. 1 lady that was there the week before(and listened intently) was there again this week. I noticed that when the preaching started she walked over from where she was to listen and listened intently again. I still do not know her name but pray the Gospel is taking seed in her heart. I was able to witness to a young man named Anthony who did not know much of eternal things. I shared the Gospel with him and urged him to repent. He appreciated our talk and took a New Testament home with him. He even started to read it while waiting for his bus.


Amy with the cross



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