One Stopped

9 08 2012


Took the cross out last Friday to a very busy intersection in Bakersfield. Gerry my brother in Christ stood across the street with his cross. I was surprised how few the hecklers were. Many positive reactions but what we seek most is that people would consider the cross and their eternity. Gerry got to witness to two girls for quite some time. I had one man named Cory who was driving by and was curious what “Are You Ready?” meant. I was able to go into a full presentation of the Gospel and urge him to consider his eternity and repent of his sins. Hundreds passed by some may consider their eternity, others will go on and forget they even saw us but all that matters is that one stopped. One heard the Gospel. If a thousand never stop but one repents it’s worth the effort for the one. I hope to get out with the cross more but this was a very encouraging day where we got the opportunity to not only bring people face to face with the cross but the chance to share the wonderful news of salvation as well. Take to the streets with the Gospel!



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