Great Week of Ministry

6 08 2013

Last week was a great week of ministry here in Bakersfield. On Monday we preached at the Downtown Bus Station with great crowds and several tracts and Bible’s going out. Then on Tuesday morning we went out for about an hour in the morning and took the Gospel door to door. We talked to a few people and left tracts with around 100 houses. On Thursday night we were joined by 18 others to knock doors again in Southwest Bakersfield. Several had good conversations about eternity and we got tracts to well over 100 houses in a neighborhood. On Friday Amy and I were at the North Hollywood Metro Station and passed out tracts to commuters that were going from the buses to the subway and those going from the subway to the buses. All in all the Lord allowed us to share the Gospel with around 500 people this week. We praise Him for this opportunity.



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