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13 10 2013

Paul told Timothy, “But continue thou in the things which thou hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of whom thou hast learned them.” (2 Timothy 3:14) This ministry update covers about two weeks where we were busy continuing in the things which we have learned knowing of whom we learned them.

My family has been from the time of their conversion a soul-winning family, and I was trained to knock doors and share the Gospel by Pastor Claudie Hames a man who did that for a hobby not out of duty.

I know the firm and pure testimony of those who taught me to reach the lost and over the last two weeks we have labored long in this way of life. Sunday October 6th, our church, McKee Road Baptist Church in Bakersfield had our annual Open House Sunday where we try to fill the church with visitors and preach an evangelistic message.

The week before was full of door to door evangelism efforts. On Monday we knocked doors in the morning and preached open air at the Downtown bus station in the evening. On Tuesday we knocked doors with a group in the morning as well as in the evening. Tuesday morning I was blessed to give the morning devotion at Triumph Baptist Academy.

On Wednesday I took a group of adults door knocking in the morning and a group of teens in the afternoon. Thursday morning I took a group to knock doors and in the evening again we knocked a few dozen doors. We were able to share the Gospel and pray with one lady we met that day.

On Friday I was privileged to preach chapel at Triumph Baptist Academy followed by some door knocking in the morning. On Saturday only three of us went out but we knocked several dozen doors.

This last Monday we took the day off to recover from a physically challenging schedule. In addition to nine door knocking times, three preaching opportunities in the previous six days Amy and I sorted and categorized about three thousand donated books for the Christian School.

This last Tuesday three of us went door knocking and we were able to share the Gospel with a lady who had never heard that we could know for sure we were going to Heaven. I decided to go out Tuesday evening with a teen boy from church and we knocked four streets and were able to share the Gospel message with a practicing Jehovah’s Witness.

Wednesday I took a group of teens to share the Gospel door to door and although few were home we gave tracts to nearly 100 houses. Thursday evening a group of about 11 of us knocked doors and gave tracts to probably around 60 houses or so.

Saturday we were able to accompany our teens to a youth rally where they competed in sports and heard some powerful preaching by Pastor Rick Owens. Several young people responded including 1 of our own who said he had prayed a sinners prayer in the past but God told him he wasn’t saved. He answered by calling on Christ to save him that evening. Pray for us as we continue in Christ’s work and for His glory!



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