I Just Don’t Have Time

27 10 2013

As we went through his week of ministry there came a theme that became common to hear, “I just don’t have time.” The statement was in response to the question, “Can I show you from the Bible how to be saved?” It amazes me how people can face a question like that and be too busy to look into it. Eternity and God are so far removed from our minds and lives that we feel we will live forever so we will just look into it later. This is the curse of the American society.

On Monday 5 of us took the Gospel to the bus station in Downtown Bakersfield. Gerry Collins and I both preached the Gospel, and 3 others passed out tracts and tried to speak to people about their souls. There was 1 lady in particular who listened intently to the preaching of both sermons and it at least appeared the Lord was doing a work in her heart.

On Tuesday morning 3 of us took the Gospel door to door. I happened to knock on the door of a former co-worker who probably would not have listened to anyone else but since he knew me I found he was willing to speak with me. We also were able to take several people through the plan of salvation. On Wednesday I took our youth group door knocking and we got tracts to probably around 60 houses.

On Saturday we took the Gospel door to door again and spent about 2 hours talking to around a dozen or so people about their souls and eternity. A very fruitful week in the sense of getting to talk to people one to one about their souls but troubling in the sense that many felt they were too busy to think about eternity. God Bless!



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