Following The Lead

17 11 2013

This weeks ministry update is a joy to give because God was so bountiful in His blessings toward us. We took Monday off for Veterans Day but took the Gospel door to door on Tuesday morning. We knocked around 100 doors and although few were home every house received a Gospel tract. It was a blessed time of fellowship because I was able to team with my wife which because of the make up of our teams I don’t always get a chance to do. On Wednesday we took our youth group door knocking and that day was incredible and full of blessing.

We knocked a small trailer park and finished rather quickly leaving tracts on gates mostly due to angry guard dogs but we were sure to leave tracts at every house. We were tempted to stop for the day after the trailer park but we decided to move on to another neighborhood and knock a few streets. We again found only a few people home none of which wanted to really talk but they all took  tracts and we left tracts on doors. Thinking we saw no good results for our labor but satisfied we had done the Lord’s work we stopped for the day.

After church my Pastor sent me an email he received that afternoon from a person who received one of our tracts on their door. They spoke of searching for what they read on the back of our tracts. They were raised catholic but found no hope there and they had been praying to God for an answer the same day they received our tracts. Sometimes you leave tracts on the doors and you never know what God does with it so it is a blessing to hear from a person who God was preparing before we even got there.

On Saturday a group of about 15 of us knocked doors and one team walked up on a family talking about the mysteries of death. It seems that God again was directing us to divine appointments. Over 100 houses received tracts and at least 2 others were spoken to about their souls and eternity. While we have been laboring many ours in the Lord’s work my unemployment recently ran out and so I have been doubling my efforts to find work but no doors have opened. This hurts us financially as we have lost income so please keep us in prayer as we labor for the lost and for the kingdom.

For the Souls,

Rick Garland



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