I’m Not Interested

24 11 2013

Our ministry this week was both encouraging at times and yet heartbreaking at other times. We hope all who read this have been able to find a place of ministry this week and that you took time to witness to someone. We took Tuesday away from our usual outreach and traveled to Los Angeles to pick up a dear elderly widow from our church who was flying back from a trip to see her family. It’s always a blessing to be a help and a blessing to someone else and that in itself is ministry. Often I think we are tempted to say “sorry I can’t help you because I’m on my way to minister for the Lord” when that may be the ministry He has brought your way.

On Wednesday we took the Gospel door to door with our youth group and encountered many people home unfortunately many of them were Spanish speaking and it made witnessing difficult. We did have Spanish language tracts with us and were able to leave them all with a Gospel witness and a church that ministers in their language. In all we gave the Gospel to around 60 homes that day. On Saturday a group of about 8 of us went door knocking again and knocked around 120 doors. All received tracts and we spoke to several interested in coming to church. My partner was able to speak to a catholic man who had a whole shrine outside his door but no assurance all his works would save him. We took him through the Scriptures and showed him what the Bible says about salvation and the gift of God through Jesus Christ. I was able to speak to 1 person about their eternity as well.

My heart broke when I went to the last house of the night and spoke to a man who was not interested in the things of eternity. I asked if we could come back and talk to him another time but he said, “maybe my parents would want to talk but I’m just not that interested.” He told me that he didn’t know where he was going when he died. I said, “your telling me that you don’t know where you will spend eternity and God sent me to your house with the way of salvation and your just not interested in hearing it.” He said no he wasn’t and that was it. He took a tracts and was polite but very hard hearted. I pray the Lord uses the tract mightily in his life.

This week we expanded distribution of my newest book in ebook format by adding it to LULU.com, Nook, and the IBookstore. It is still available on Kindle and in paperback and those can be obtained on our website under the Our Books tab. Another blessing is that a local bookstore here in Bakersfield Russo’s Books will be selling my books in their store as well. Each book has in it a Gospel presentation so please pray that many sell and God uses it in a mighty way. I was already able to find out that a family member read my first book and it led to forgiveness of a grudge lasting over 30 years. God can use anything to minister to people and that is the primary purpose of writing. God Bless!



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