2 Refused But 1 Listened

1 12 2013

Ministry can be hard on Thanksgiving week because of all the preparations being made for the holiday. We did manage to get a little bit of work done for the Lord this busy week. On Monday Gerry and I took the Gospel to the Downtown Bakersfield bus station. Gerry preached a wonderful message to the crowd gathered. On Tuesday morning several of us went door knocking and although few were home I spoke to two men who refused to hear the Gospel message. I clarified by asking them, “so someone has come to your house with the way of eternal life and you don’t want to hear it.” They both repeated that they didn’t want to hear so I left them alone hoping God softens their heart before the Judgment day. On that day they will wish they had listened and will be without excuse.

On Saturday about 13 of us knocked around 2oo doors and we were able to walk several people through the plan of salvation. One man who was visiting in a certain house for that day only and he was from out of state. What a wonderful view of God’s divine mercy to put people in just the right places to hear the message of salvation. Witht he holiday over we look forward to engaging more people this week and may the Lord multiply our efforts.



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