Fighting the Cold Fight

8 12 2013

This week was a hard one due to sickness but we were able to find some ministry opportunities. On Monday Gerry Collins and myself evangelized in Downtown Bakersfield. I preached first from Proverbs 6 on “These six things the Lord hates.” About 50 in the crowd and all listened well. Some took tracts as well. Gerry preached next from Psalm 49 and Gerry preaches powerfully from the Psalms. I am always blessed to hear him preach. Gerry was able to have a few one to ones after the preaching before we left.

On Wednesday I took a group of young people door knocking and although we found few people home we did get a lot of tracts to homes in our community. On Thursday morning I gave the devotion to Triumph Baptist
Academy from Isaiah 6 on the holiness of God. On Saturday a group of us braved the cold and knocked doors for about an hour and a half. We had a few good Gospel conversations and gave tracts to many houses. Fighting a bad cold all week made ministering ¬†uncomfortable but it is thrilling to be a part of God’s salvation plan for mankind. Let me encourage each of you who read this to get involved in some form of evangelism where you are at and encourage others to join you. God Bless



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