A Week that was not Vain

26 01 2014

I wanted to post a quick ministry update before we finish out the month. It has been such a busy month that I had to take time away from my side business to focus on things a bit more eternal.

On Monday morning I gave the morning devotion at Triumph Baptist Academy continuing my series on the sermon on the mount. That evening we evangelized at the GET bus station in Downtown Bakersfield. Amy passed out tracts while Gerry and myself preached. We had a few respond to the preaching which led to some one to ones and a chance to share the Gospel. On Tuesday a few ladies and myself took the Gospel door to door. We found few at home but we left tracts at every house. It was a blessing to have visiting missionary Keri Emmett with us for outreach this week. She knocked doors twice with us. She is going to be going to the nation of Haiti.

On Wednesday I went door knocking with our youth group and although many dogs kept us away from doors we left tracts on the gates so that at least they have a Gospel witness. On Friday we finished off the map we have been working on by knocking a few doors. For those who don’t know we are working on systematically giving the Gospel to every home in our city which is roughly 120,000 to 130,000 total. Our first mapped out part of the city is complete and we are moving on to another area.

On Friday my Pastor got a chance to share the Gospel with a lady who lives just down the street from our church while we were out. That morning I was blessed to preach chapel at Triumph Baptist Academy. I preached on The Vain Life from Ecclesiastes 1:1-8 where we learned that all things in this life are vanity except what we do worth eternal value. The sermon should be posted in a few weeks.

On Saturday 3 of us us traveled to the city of West Covina in southern California to help church planter Jack Lamb who is starting Anchor Baptist Church. Our group passed out 241 copies of John and Romans plus many hundreds that went out via other groups. We made the two hour trip home and had enough daylight to knock another 89 doors. Most of the people were home and we had a few chances to share the plan of salvation.

For those interested our Christmas devotional book has been reduced for the non Christmas season. You can download the E-book format for only 99 cents through Amazon now through the first week of November. We have a new book coming out as well which should be included in next week’s ministry update. For now serve the Lord and God Bless

Rick and Amy Garland




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