Unholy Devotion

23 02 2014

Our new book Unholy Devotion: Rome’s Marian Errors is available by clicking on the “Our Books” tab here on the website. Unholy Devotion is a look at Mariology from Paul,Peter, Jesus, and Scripture as a whole. It examines the error in Rome’s view on Mary as well as a look at Roman Catholic salvation and how it differs from Biblical salvation. We have links to both the eBook as well as the paperback edition of the book.

If you read the book do us a favor and leave us a review on Amazon with a rating and short review of the book and share the book with friends and family. This is an important subject which covers one of the darkest of the false doctrines that comes from Rome and which has deceived millions. Half of all profits from the book go to Mission to Catholics International.



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