The Sovereign Lord of the Harvest

26 10 2014

Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.” (Matthew 9:37-38)


This verse gives the Lord an interesting title. It calls Him the “Lord of the harvest.” This title never became as real to me as it did in the last few weeks. I learned that people don’t just hear the Gospel because they happen to be in the right place or because random circumstances came together and brought it about.

I believe in God’s sovereignty. That statement often gets me in trouble with those who have made a god of themselves or their free will. You mention God’s sovereignty and they look at you sideways and scowl, “what do you mean by that?” Or they say, “Well He has no control over me unless I give it to Him!” I accept free will and sovereignty as both being taught in the Bible without contradicting each other. How they work is a mystery but they do.

God is sovereign which is to say He is the Lord of the Harvest. I believe that God brings people under the sound of the Gospel Himself and doesn’t just leave it to circumstances. He doesn’t sit and hope that people hear but rather He sends people to give the Gospel and prepares people through outward circumstances to hear and receive the Word.

This was the case in my family. I chronicle this in my book “Lessons From My Father” which is available here on our website. God put our family in specific places and others around them in specific places in order to hear the Gospel. He brought circumstances to these people which allowed them to receive the Word with joy. He is Lord of the harvest.

This brings me to the lesson I learned. We were out two weeks ago on a Thursday evening and we were taking copies of the book of John and a tract to homes. My pastor tried to share the Gospel with a lady sitting outside her apartment. She became hostile not only rejecting it but saying that we didn’t have a right to be there. She was loud and very much opposed to even hearing the Gospel.

That same week a man in our church died. His funeral was held the Monday following meeting this lady. It turns out that she worked at the funeral home and had to be in the service where my pastor preached a Gospel message. I don’t look at this as a coincidence. God put her outside as we arrived and put pastor in contact with her when she rejected it. She didn’t get saved as far as I know but I know that there is a reason that she got to hear the Gospel twice and so close together and by the same person.

Join me in praying for her but take away a lesson as well. Learn that God is Lord of the harvest. He brings people into places and circumstances to hear the Gospel. Ask Him as Lord of the harvest to put you in situations where you can witness and pray for lost friends and loved ones that God would prepare them to hear and believe.





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