Big Announcement

9 05 2016

I want to start by thanking you for taking the time to read this. If you stumbled across this and are not a subscriber to our blog I hope you will take the time to subscribe. For those who are subscribers thank you so much.

I don’t feel entitled to your interest in our ministry and I definitely feel blessed that anyone would take the time to read what I post. You may not agree with everything but you take the time and I appreciate it. Some of you have even followed me since I started the blog around 7 years ago. Thank you again.

I haven’t written much on how we began our ministry. In 2004 I was attending a little church in Caruthers, California called Gospel Light Baptist Chapel. Caruthers is s small town of around 2,000 people in Fresno County. This church plant was a ministry of Gospel Light Baptist Church in Selma which is a larger town a few miles away.

I had been teamed up with Eric Thompson in ministry and through this we have become like brothers. I was working a night job at the time and had a lot of free time during work. To fill the time I began consuming christian biographies.

I would talk about these books to Eric and in time he began reading them as well. This led to long talks about what we were learning through these books and eventually led us to the Scriptures where many of the traditions we practiced received heavy scrutiny. This led to an overhaul of our entire belief system.

We were especially impacted by the lives of William Booth of the Salvation Army, and George Mueller of Bristol. We felt compelled to involve ourselves in evangelism. We began distributing Gospel tracts door to door, in fact we reached every door in Caruthers.

We began handing out tracts in store parking lots and along busy streets. We made trips to Los Angeles for Eric’s business and we would go to Hollywood Blvd. and pass out tracts there. In time we became burdened for the poor and needy.

Being affected by William Booth’s life and the clear command in Scripture concerning the poor we began passing out sack lunches to the many homeless in Fresno. We also collected clothes and gave them to homeless people on the streets as well as to shelters who gave away the items. We made it a rule never to give to a shelter that sold the clothes.

People always asked us what we called ourselves which led to the need of starting a ministry. We discussed names and having settled on the Scripture passage about the rich man and Lazarus we called ourselves Project Lazarus. We modeled much of our founding principles after those developed by George Mueller in his Scriptural Knowledge Institution.

In 2009 I desired to share things the Lord was teaching me with others. I was just getting into the whole online thing and felt a blog was a good platform to teach from. I began The March of Truth at this time. The name was derived from a radio program Ed McCulley and Jim Elliot had while they did home missionary work in Chester, Illinois.

A dream of ours was always to focus on street ministry and work among prisoners. We began watching The Way of the Master with Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron in 2004 and even went out with missionary Jason Hines that same year to watch him preach. We just never found an open door to begin this work.

This all changed in 2012 when the Lord opened the door and we began regular weekly street evangelism. In 2014 an opportunity opened up to go into the California prison system and preach on a regular basis. In that same year my wife and I prayed about going into full time ministry.

The very next morning after praying I woke up to a text offering me the opportunity to pursue full time ministry. The text was from Bill Adams who is a friend and mentor to me. He offered the chance to use his ministry Revival USA as an umbrella for our ministry.

We kept thinking about it and several other things happened suggesting this might be the right course. I decided it was time to merge Project Lazarus and The March of Truth and re-brand them under one new ministry name. The new name would be Lighthouse Gospel Ministries.

The name is a reflection of our mission which is to be a lighthouse to the world. We are keeping our original motto which is “Ministering to the Whole Person.” This reflects our desire to minister in spiritual things as well as to remember the poor. Our ministry verse is found in 2 Corinthians 4:5-6.

We are now a non profit under Revival USA and receive financial oversight from ………… All giving to our ministry is now tax deductible. Our goal in going full time is to focus a lot of attention to the prison ministry.

Once we have the monthly support to transition out of my full time security job I will be going in 5 days a week to a local state prison. I will be training under another missionary for a while. I will be holding multiple chapel services with a chance to preach to a few hundred prisoners a day. I will also engage in cell to cell visitation and counsel prisoners concerning their souls.

We will also continue our street evangelism both locally as well as at selected events throughout the year. In June we are going to be sharing the Gospel at the Pismo Beach car show, in July at the MLB All Star game in San Diego, and Lord willing in London in October.

Please visit our website at to check out all that we are doing. Now the big question of how you can help us out. There are several ways.

1. Pray for us daily. That the Lord will graciously provide for us and that souls will come to faith through our witness.

2. Tell others about our ministry.

3. Recommend us to your church and we will come and present our ministry.

4. Give to support us. You can make single or monthly tax deductible donations to support us. Just visit our website to give online or instructions on how to give by check.

We do not consider ourselves a “para-church” organization. We are missionaries sent out of our local church, under our pastors authority and we are subject to his leadership.



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