Mission and Pinciples

The mission of Lighthouse Gospel Ministries is to minister to “the whole person.” This mission is carried out in 7 specific ways.


1. Evangelistic preaching in pulpits and on the streets.

2. Online Bible teaching and preaching.

3. Preaching in Prisons and Rescue Missions.

4. Taking the Gospel door to door.

5. Providing food and clothes to those in need.

6. Assisting church planters.

7. Supporting missionaries both foreign and domestic.


When our ministry was first born we set certain principles that we felt Scripturally sound by which to govern and regulate our operations.

1. We exist for the sole purpose of glorifying God. To this end we will labor and no activities, methods, or motives will be employed that would compromise this foundational principle.

2. We will never solicit donations of any kind from the unsaved world but will look to the Kingdom of God to provide for itself. We as the early church “go forth taking nothing of the Gentiles.”

3. We will endeavor to evangelize the lost through pulpit and street preaching, Scripture and tract distribution, 1 to 1 witnessing, door to door witnessing, online teaching and public reading of the Scriptures.

4. We will endeavor to assist the poor and needy through clothing and food distribution and by visiting shut in’s.

5. We will follow Scriptural principles for baptizing and discipling converts and establishing Christian assemblies.

6. We will labor with all believing brethren without regards to their denominational affiliation.

7. We will support missionaries as the Lord allows.

8. We will distribute everything free of charge.

9. We will never enlarge the field of labor by contracting debts but in secret prayer we shall carry the needs of the ministry to the Lord and act according to the means that God shall give us.

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