Ministry Recommendations

I would like to present Bro. Rick Garland for consideration in your missions program.

Rick, and his wife Amy, are faithful members of our church. I have had the privilege of knowing Rick and his wife for over eight years now. During that time they have served in many capacities with humility, forebearance and a longsuffering spirit.

Rick has prayerfully accepted God’s call to evangelism in the prisons in our area and is our Prison Evangelist. I have watched as he has proven himself faithful to this task as an enthusiastic soul-winner and an energetic student of the Word of God. We also support Rick financially through our home missions program.

I would highly recommend Rick Garland for prayerful consideration to be part of your missions program.

Pastor Don Thomason
McKee Road Baptist Church
Bakersfield, CA.


Rick Garland has been a Team Leader for Sports Fan Outreach’s annual Super Bowl Outreach the last two years.  Team Leaders and I have plenty of opportunity to get to know each other through our retreat Labor Day Weekend and the time we spend time on the phone weekly during the five months after Labor Day until the SBO which is held the first of February.

During that time the last two years Rick and I have prayed extensively together, this past fall we discussed the book “Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life” by Dr. Donald Whitney, Rick has told me consistently of his labors in Bakersfield with his church, and we have discussed his movement into full-time ministry.

Rick has demonstrated that he is a man of his word, he is faithful to his church, he keeps his commitments, he is trust worthy,  he seeks to support the efforts of the team, he is a joy to labor with plus he is an excellent teacher and leader.

Rick and his wife Amy are the type of couple you hope will enter Gospel ministry:  they care for their brother and hunger for the lost to be saved.

Bill Adams
Sports Fan Outreach International
Atlanta, GA.


I am happy to recommend Rick Garland as an ambassador of the Gospel into the prisons of Southern California. Rick and his wife, Amy, have been faithful to witness through weekly soulwinning, open-air preaching, and distribution of Gospel tracts. In addition to this, they have traveled to national sports events such as the Super Bowl and the MLB Allstar Game to preach and hand out tracts.

They are passionate about the salvation of the lost and obeying the Great Commission. Now God has called Rick to go into the prisons to “preach deliverance to the captives.” I believe Rick is uniquely suited to this task. He has a call to preach and is a diligent student of the Word. He has force of personality and boldness to preach to sometimes unwilling audiences. He has personal drive to go out weekly (without being asked or made to) and witness. This is a ministry that will take all of that. I do believe God is using and will use Rick.

I have known Rick since early childhood when we attended Redwood Baptist Church of Redwood City, California together under the pastorate of Dwight Tomlinson. He has known the Scriptures and the principles of Gospel ministry since childhood. I believe he will be true to the Gospel and to the Lord Jesus Christ. I think your missions dollars will bear much fruit reaching out to the tens of thousands of prisoners locally.

Pastor Fred Fies
Bible Baptist Temple
Warner Robins, GA.


It is a great blessing to recommend to you Bro. Rick Garland and his sweet wife, Amy. Bro. and Mrs. Garland are sincere followers of Christ who have faithfully served at McKee Road Baptist Church for 6 years. Bro. Garland has proven to be a dedicated Bible teacher as well as an evangelist, preaching weekly on the streets of Bakersfield and passing out literally thousands of Gospel tracts. Bro. and Mrs. Garland have a God-given passion for reaching people with the Gospel of Christ. Bro. Garland was recently granted access to one of our local prisons, and in his first opportunity to preach the Gospel two men were saved!

Bro. and Mrs. Garland have been given a unique opportunity to minister uninhibited to prisoners here in California. I am excited about the door that God has opened for the Garlands to minister to many of California’s prisoners. I trust that you will prayerfully consider having Bro. and Mrs. Garland as a part of one of your church services so that they can describe in more detail what God is doing in their lives and how God is leading them.

Chad Phillips
First Baptist Church
Long Beach, CA.

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