Food Distribution



Since the beginning of our ministry one of our burdens has been aiding the poor and needy. When Project Lazarus began we went to the poor in our community. We recognize that social services is not the goal of the church. Evangelism is our one true task but remembering the poor along the way has been the duty and practice of the church from the days of the early church (Galatians 2:10).

We desire to follow in the steps of great men and women of God such as George Mueller, William and Catherine Booth, and Amy Carmichael. Helping the poor and ministering to the whole person will always be at the heart of our ministry. We do this by preparing and distributing sack lunches to those living on the streets. Along with the food each sack contains a Gospel tracts and the hope of salvation. We hope to open a food pantry as well to provide food to families in need free of charge.