Not Just for the Lost

23 02 2016

In our minds we often head out to share the Gospel with the lost. Our tracts, conversations and preaching are typically aimed in that direction. The problem is that we neglect to see things from God’s perspective. Sometimes while He is using His Word in the hearts of the lost He may also be using it to bless the church itself. I’m trying to learn from this experience not to be so one dimensional in my street preaching because a nearby believer may need the word as much as the lost.

We were out today ministering at the bus station in Downtown Bakersfield. It was our first time expanding to a morning outreach there and it was a blessed time. We gave away two Bible’s and about 25 tracts. There were only a few people around when each of the preachers started but crowds formed during the preaching and many listened to the Gospel.

One man who was in a wheelchair listened to my friend Gerry preach and spoke to Gerry after that. He professed to be a believer and appeared very edified by hearing the Word of God preached. He was also encouraged by seeing people out sharing their faith publicly. Long story short he took a stack of tracts from Gerry and the two of them went into the bus station to pass them out.

He came back during my sermon and not only listened but encouraged us after the fact. I guess the point is that we should go out to preach not just to sow the seed among the lost but to perhaps edify and encourage other believers on whom the Word falls. Say a prayer for Michael who seemed not only sincere in his profession of faith but eager himself to help in the work of the Gospel.




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