Why Witnesses Don’t Witness

6 12 2016

Shouldn’t Jehovah’s Witnesses witness? I mean it is in their name isn’t it? I have always pondered this question and I have yet to find an answer. The lackof witness does answer other questions about this organization.

To be honest most followers of the Watchtower aren’t too interested in witnessing when not “on the clock.” They don’t seem too concerned about the souls of those around them nor do I sense any urgency in them to share their message. This puzzles me for the mere fact that their claim to fame is that they are the sole and true witnesses of God.

I do a lot of door to door evangelism and I often encounter Watchtower followers in their homes. What I find is that time after time the majority and I mean 9 out of 10 encounters leads to them simply turning me away saying they are Jehovah’s Witnesses. This has always puzzled me.

The first reason is that they usually tell me how good it is that I’m out doing what I’m doing. I’m sure the Watchtower teaches lying is a sin and yet they lie to me on a regular basis. If they are right and my doctrine is wrong then the individual follower of the Watchtower cannot believe in their heart of hearts that what I’m doing is good.

I’m a false teacher to them. I have a false idea of God and a corrupted Bible. There is no way that what I’m doing is good. The reason I believe that they tell this lie is to avoid talking to me which brings me to the second reason I’m puzzled.

Are they not concerned for me? Why don’t they try to win me? Why don’t they show me my errors rather than cheer on my false beliefs? Are they not witnesses of the one true God? If they are then why shun some lost soul headed for nothingness after death with no hope of resurrection in Jehovah’s kingdom?

When they come to my door I’m quick to try and share the Gospel with them. I am quick to try and reason with them on the nature of God and Jesus Christ. I see them as sinners headed for eternal destruction and it moves me to want to see them saved. Why do they lack this moving?

When I am out in public I try and pass out Gospel tracts or witness to people when the opportunity arises. I have dealt with and encountered people I knew were Watchtower followers and never did they hand me a magazine or talk to me about the coming kingdom. There seems to be no concern for it.

The answer is very simple. They are not saved people. The moving that I feel is the compelling of the Holy Spirit and one evidence of being filled with the Spirit is the boldness to witness.

And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness.” (Acts 4:31)

Watchtower followers witness in large part not because they love the lost, or because they are concerned for the souls of mankind. Their motivation is their works based religion. They are taught that in order to be saved they must be witnesses and go out a certain amount of time and talk to people.

They serve out of obligation which is why we see them walking slowly or stopping between houses. They are killing time. I have seen them stand at a door and ring a door bell for upwards of 5 or 10 minutes. The reason is that once they realize no one is home they can kill time and say they were at a door.

When I come to their door they are not getting credit for witnessing so they just don’t. They are also told not to talk to people who know their Bible and can answer their doctrines. The Watchtower as an organization sees the dangers of allowing their people to hear the truth. My pastor has no concern with me talking to a witness because I know the Bible.

Their lack of concern for witnessing and their witnessing out of necessity are further proofs that something is wrong. We see in the Bible and in church history men and women concerned for the souls of men sharing the Gospel with people at all times and under all circumstances. They were not required to but they were obedient to the Lord and concerned for the souls of mankind.




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