Weekend Ministry at North Hollywood

14 11 2012

Rick Preaching at NOHO Metro Station

Brad Snow preaching

Tracting at NOHO

Rick Preaching at NOHO Metro Station

We had a great weekend of ministry last weekend. We traveled to the North Hollywood Metro Station and joined the evangelsim team of Tony Miano. Brad Snow of Living Waters was there as well. Probably a good several thousand people heard the Gospel in and around the station that day. We had one obviously demon possessed heckler who spit on Tony and kicked over our tract box all while screaming that we are close minded. Tony, Brad and Rick preached and three others passed out hundreds of tracts. This week is going to be a busy week as well. Our Podcast is a little late this week but it will be posted mid-week and we will be back to our regular Sundays at 7:00.

Ministry schedule this week:

Monday: Downtown Bakersfield GET Station 5pm-6pm.
Family Planning Abortuary 8am-10am.

Friday: Family Planning abortuary 8am-9am.
Downtown Bakersfield 10am-12pm.

Saturday: Door knocking Southwest Bakersfield 10:30am-12pm.



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